OPEDUCA Activities
Some examples
Schools and their partners create an array of activities when active in OPEDUCA. The majority of which come from Flight for Knowlegde studies on themes like Food, Water and Energy, from BusinessClass presentations, international exchanges, interviews with industry and other educational partners in the region, teacher trainings and work with community partners. Below a random pick to give an impression.

Connecting Teacher Training Students in Virtual Exchange

Nothing goes in schooling when we don't re-invest in and structurally change the way we educate our next generation of teachers - an open door it seems, but a practice wished for not that easy to bring near since Universities appear to stay on a too-safe and thus dangerous pathway when it comes to innovation. Thanks to the drive and experience of Prof Garth Pickard from the Institute of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities (University of Regina, RCE Saskatchewan) we succeeded the bring together young talents from this Canadian stronghold in Education with peers from the Teacher Education at Fontys University of Applied Science in Sittard (Netherlands). Once the virtual bridge was created we enjoyed a meeting of minds and a sharing of attitude where it comes to Education for Sustainable Development that gives hope for the next generation of Teachers on their way.

Technology in the Cloud - Aircraft Maintenance

Teachers of the German school BBS Friesoythe, Daugavpils Technical School and Bonnefanten College Maasricht visited the Aviation Competence Centre of the VET School Leeuwenborgh located at Maastricht Airport. They where warmly welcome by the Training Manager Mr. Giel Debressine and his colleagues who offered an extensive tour and explenation, including a focus of VET Skills & Competences in the light of Sustainable Development.

Titus Brandsma School

A young Journaal 4 Reporter gives a great insight in the OPEDUCA-based education at primary school Titus Brandsma in Brunssum (Netherlands).
Students and Teachers at Titus Brandsma do a fantastic job with focus on the Inquiry Based Learning the OPEDUCA-element 'Flight for Knowledge' is based on. Watch and enjoy some fine student-action!

Spring 2017 Titus Brandsma continuous it's journey towards OPEDUCA-based education when their young students (this is Primary!) decided to have a say and a role in the re-design and re-built of the largest super-market in their community. Starting out from scratch, working on the concept for the architectural design, teams got on their way studying the Look & Feel, Logistics, Marketing and all that is part of this puzzle they will co-construct with the supermarket-manager, an Architect and all involved as Partners in Education.

Teachers experience BlueTea technology

BlueTea brings work processes alive in a virtual training environment to achieve more learning efficiency, more awareness and more accurately considered decisions on the shop floor. It promotes the development, management and transfer of knowledge.
Reality is simulated with a 3D model or in a virtual environment allowing users to learn how to execute procedures/ duties correctly and also allow them to make mistakes and learn from them.

Weredi College

Early 2017 Weredi College in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) proudly celebrated the moment when their OPEDUCA House reached it's highest point.

Sintjan College

Students exploring and designing a mission to Mars, discovering knowledge on Water, Air, Building and Energy, presenting before Live Audience April 16th 2015.

Sintjan College is a school for secondary education in the city of Hoensbroek (Netherlands).

Sint Paulus

St Paulus school for primary education is a small though fascinating school in the Hoensbroek-district of the town of Heerlen. The multi-cultural mix of students with an array of different talents is matched by a fantastic team of teachers that builts on trust in childrens' development changes, taking every opportunity to enrich and make real their education. In and outside the school, making its way to being a pearl in the OPEDUCA Community.

Siauliai Didzdvario Gymnasium

The Siauliai Didzdvario Gymnasium in Lithuania connected with one of the Czech Republic Partners in OPEDUCA,  Schola Humanitas.

An almost full lenght video of what students exchanged in OPEDUCA BusinessClass is now available.

Stiftsgymnasium Admont

De vuelta a la naturaleza! Zurück zur Wildnis! Die SchülerInnen des Stiftdgymansiums Admont verknüpfen in ihrem Video betörende Bilder aus der (Wasser-) Welt des Nationalparks Gesäuse mit Assoziationen zum Nationalpark - in drei Sprachen!

Learn more about how Stiftgymnasium Admont (Graz Region, Austria) learns and works through their OPEDUCA Mission up in the Austrian Alps.

Grotius College

Students take over teachers' domicile to get in touch with external educational sources and partners.

Virtual Youth Conferences

Partners across the globe join in to equippe the youth with tools to communicate, collaborate, innovate and problem-solve in order to address most complex issues of sustainability. The virtual conference gives students the perspective and practice of a global dialogue to better understand the unique water dilemmas facing the regions of the world and in turn reveal and embrace the universal themes of sustainable evolution through dialogue, empathy, and collaboration.

For a detailed report check here.

Weredi College

At the Weredi College, VMBO, students create, study ánd build their sustainable house.

For this excellence performance the school has been awarded the Dutch National Technology "Iinstall Award" 2014.

Weredi College is a school for secondary education in the city of Valkenswaard (Netherlands).

Šiauliu Didždvario Gimnazija

"We arranged five meetings with five different social partners for five different Flight for Knowledge themes.
Co-operation between the companies and our school is an invaluable opportunity for our students to know more about the local companies, their working field and the most important to know more about different specialties. On our video, enjoy a DJ perfomance his art and business for our students!

Sonata Deduraite.

OPEDUCA MasterClass

In OPEDUCA, Teachers are once again looked upon as professionals. For the whole school development envisioned through the application of OPEDUCA their ownership is essential. OPEDUCA is not an 'add-on' to regular scholing, but a new base that eventually effects a whole scale of educatoinal policy and practice. Every OPEDUCA development in the field starts of with re-basing und upgrading teachers' profession, position and ability to act. The minimum 'take-off' speel consist of a 4-day intensive MasterClass.

Citaverde College

Citaverde College, specialized in education for work in agriculture and nature, set up an excellent program in OPEDUCA BusinessClass.

The Rabobank branch in the region hosted the students, provided facilities and most of all shared it's expertise and the commitment of it's people to enrich the students' learning.

EMMA College

Coming from the Arab World and now since a few years living and studying in the Netherlands, a group of students from EMMA College (Heerlen location) took the initiative to share their studies with peers in Qatar.

Guided by their teacher Agnes Gregoire, the students first did a general study on the world of water, using the OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge approach to identify relevant sub-themes and go in an inquire based learning approach to further explore. Eventually the group found themselves fascinated by the aspect Drinking Water, especially where it comes to the influence of its use on the human body. Discovering different effects and further questions arising, they from there took up the bio-medical perspective.