The role of Industry in ESD

The world of knowledge, work and all the forces that mold and shape our future, is out there. It can be found in companies, science institutes, a mayors' chamber, TV-stations, restaurants and the small blacksmith on the corner of the street. In OPEDUCA all these are Partners in Education. The project found a way to involve relevant partners in the learning process of youngsters, nearby and far away. Therewith OPEDUCA also addresses the political and most of all societal challenge of bringing work and education closer together again, making them overlap through "OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge" and "OPEDUCA BusinessClass". Coming from industry and the world of work at large, in OPEDUCA companies and schools teamed up, re-valued good working practice dating back decades but lost along the way, created a contemporary approach that will address youth unemployment in a most effective way.

ESD-based CSR & HRM
Excellent sources of Learning
1st-line Partners in Education
Folding the worlds of School and Career

The drive and potential influence of industry (through their CSR, HRM but also core-business) is often channelled through the system put in place, therewith being confronted with long procedures, barricades in action, many ‘layers’ of representing and consulting organisations. Initiatives can strand in that, leading to gatherings and policy-making at a too great distance from society. Initiatives, such as promoting Technology (ICT but certainly Technics), seem to be(come) stand-alone projects and add-on activities for schools (not integrated, delivered through in-between agencies).

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