March 2014



of The OPEDUCA Project Europe

Fantastic 1st Meeting

October 30th and 31st 2013 RCE Rhine-Meuse in cooperation with 19 schools, cities, universities and NGO's, presenting 8 EUcountries, successfully launched The OPEDUCA project Europe.  It was a most constructive and warm meeting of people throughout the continent.
The kick-off meeting was held at the Karl Franzens  Universitšt in Graz, Austria.
The two-days programme scheduled a joint participation of all the project partners welcoming guests from RCE Munich, RCE Tyrol and RCE Venice.

Establishing a joint vision and sense of urgency

The educational system at large and schools especially have to look at and be open to a more focused development of learning processes and outcomes in order to meet the needs and expectations of the labour market. The OPEDUCA project  essentially aims to merge schools and the world of work in order to get a better understanding of future relevant themes in terms of knowledge and work. To fit knowledge, skills and competences to labour market requirements clearly and more directly, the project will define and test its approaches in many different EU countries, creating OPen EDUCAtional regions. Regions throughout Europe in which schools, industry, science and governments continuously cooperate as partners in education. This multi-stakeholder regional approach will be brought forth in a policy advice. All partners are highly motivated to share and upgrade their experiences to further develop the approach envisioned.

Partners starting their work in schools with Students

Quickly after the first partner meeting in Graz, partners started their work with pupils in schools. The first basic idea is to have pupils and students, in cooperation with their teacher, thinks about, draw and 'map'-out various aspects of future relevant themes like Water, Food and Energy. Thus taking first steps in future-oriented learning starting out from blank sheets. Hence not learning from textbooks, but relying on their own power and experience to think about and discuss themes.

Working our way towards future based education, as first practical guide for partners' activities during the project a Handbook for Flight For Knowledge has been produced.

Partners in Education joining the process

Already in this early stage of the project, several partners invited experts from their region to support the students with first-hand knowledge and insights in the respective themes. They reported enriched learning experiences, brought 'live' into the classroom. The OPEDUCA Project aims at the structural and well structured participation of such experts - establishing 'educational partnerships' between schools and sources of knowledge and experience.