Personal Learning

The Individual Perspective
in the collaborative of Society

Learning is of the Individual

We learn - there is nothing to do about it. From the moment we are born we start learning, an unstoppable process. Nobody else than the person herself can, let alone do it for you.

We can feed and stimulate a persons' learning through an educational process. When we organise and prescribe that educating, put it in boxes, frames and regulations, we consequently have to face the shortcomings of our attempts to institutionalise. In stead of reconsidering what we've done, many rush towards 'innovations', claiming 'personalized learning' as a novelty, subject to their command and often expensive ideas. We don't need to as we see it - the child learns and it won't stop no matter how we try to orchestrate. Therefore we describe OPEDUCA is Personal, the learning owned by the individual, situated in the collaborative of society. 

In an OPEDUCA-based 'school', students manifest their ownership, plan and direct their learning, present their progress and achievements - who else can? Tests and examinations brought about to judge their 'progress' are replaced by students showing what they are capable of. Not because we tell them so or force them into it, but because it is their right to do so.

Teachers can rest assure that in OPEDUCA they can, as the students do themselves, keep precise track of study-results, also through the traditional lens of curricula and examination demands. It will take some time getting used to, but they as well as parents will meet a personalized-learning environment (in real life as well as web-based) which invites to observe, follow, support and advise each student. Allowing students their development, in various tempo and varied emphasis. They will show you proudly where they are and going to, because it is theirs and theirs alone to do so.

Students cannot be ‘taught’ a worldview from out an academic ivory tower, but they can be guided to develop one in their daily educational practice, a mission however which takes people with personality and understanding wrought in life’s practical reality, tried and assessed in the world themselves. Such qualities cannot be arranged by building further structures and the reshuffling of roles in institutions, not commanded by research strange to life itself.

In a Social Context

Acknowledging the essence of the individual and the principle of personal learning, each instrument sees to a collaborative, peer-to-peer and team-based education process.

Every part of the OPEDUCA-concept, each program-element and activity, is social, cooperative, joint.

The learning process is peer-to-peer, learning with students the same age or development-stage, younger and older, near to the student or far away.

The personal learning process in each OPEDUCA-instrument sees to Study-Teams of on average 4 students, each being part of multiple teams.

  • Learner-centered with a focus on collaboration and connection to student’s individual interests, passions and aspirations.
  • Individualized, but meeting contemporary (governmental) standards, curricula and examination demands.
  • Student-led exploration of content, selection of resources and development of collaborative solutions and outcomes.
  • Learning Anytime, Any place, with Anybody, through Any device.

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