Regional Cooperation
Before a more traditional school and its excisting learning environment can be opened up to society, a thorough analyses of the respective regions' educational and knowledge-capacity is asked for. This first phase is conducted as a joint effort of schools from primary up to higher education, industry, regional knowledge institues and regional governmental authorities. The outcome is the line up and first educational connections of a preliminary partnership of such organisations with one or more schools for secondary education (learners in the age of ap. 12-18 years) as focalpoint.

As our society in the middle of which young people live, changes and get's more turbulent, unsecure, less predictable and globalized, it is time to open up their education to that challenging and demanding world. In an OPEDUCA(-region) they will expand their learning processes to real life, taking in information, experiencing, going out. School-based education will be attached to the natural process of youngsters' learning, no longer seeing the school as a seperate hemisphere but as part of their habitat for development.
The OPEDUCA Project found and practises ways of opening up schools to society in a structured and structural way. Forming an initial regional partnership of Partners in Education is important ground-work in that process.

School in Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education
Regional Governmental organisations
Centres for Environmental Education
Organisations in Culture


The OPEDUCA Project aims at structural innovations and changes in education and schooling for the long term. It is based on the concept that the quality and outcomes of young peoples' learningprocesses are the foundation of a more sustainable world. Thereto formal, not formal and informal learning need to be integrated from an holistic perspective that sees to opening up schools to society so that the learning can take place within regular life and practice itself. The establishment and operationalisation of the educational partnerships thereto required (with industry, science, arts, etc.) and the effect on schooling, school development, teaching, curricula and various other aspects, are main topics of The OPEDUCA Project. By involving the key-actors from education, companies and governments in the region, the foundation for an Open Educational Area (OPEDUCA) is created.
The next step is focusing on the operationalisation of the alliance and enforcing the cooperation through the implementation of a range of activities for which also people and organizations from other social areas are involved. It is there where The OPEDUCA Project has the function of offering a set of coherent and practically implementable instruments and activities. For experience shows that educational partnerships depending on goodwill and incidental exchanges alone will wither away.