The OPEDUCA Project

Creates regional Alliances of Industry, Education, Science and Governments in order to realize the best possible development for Youth.

Sets schools free to educate with and within Society, local, regional and global.

Enables Students to learn Anytime, Anywhere, with Anybody, through Any Device on those themes that will define their and our common sustainable Future.

Works towards a local-to-global Learning Space - unleashing the transformative power of Education, bringing People together again.

The OPEDUCA Project is one of the innovative pedagogies and networks globally underpinning the research and conclusions presented in the 2018 OECD-report Teachers as Designers of Learning Environments - The Importance of Innovative Pedagogies.

4.7 by 2030 ensure all learners acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including among others through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development.

Making SDG-4 Happen

The OPEDUCA Project is the first holistic approach that unleashes the transformative power of education,
re-defines Open Educational Resources and replaces whole-shool thinking by a Whole Learning Approach.

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A Vision on Sustainable Development and Education

If the youth of today can learn AAAA, Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody, through Any device on futures' most relevant themes, connected globally, that is the best way to bring near a more sustainable world.

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The OPEDUCA Project offers  a set of guidelines and practice that can be molded into a program for the full scale transition of Education and Schooling, including Technology Learning, Deep Learning, Whole School Approach, 21st Century Skills and much more - integrated , effective, efficient.

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OPEDUCA is not organised in a traditional way, has no 'head office' or a permanent staff. merely coordinating hubs in a cooperative network, building on joint insights, energy and activities of people from all corners and levels of society.

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Schools and their partners create an array of coherent activities when active in OPEDUCA. Check out a selection of these to get a better impression of what OPEDUCA is all about.

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The OPEDUCA Project is a local-to-global cooperative effort from people in education, industry, science, culture, arts, regional governments and students to improve youngsters' changes for development. They share the vision that a more sustainable future can best be realized if the young can spread their wings and explore the world, it's people and knowledge. To learn about what counts in the future and gain experience today, enabled to be(come) the entrepreneurs of our common more sustainable future.
Thereto we create 'OPen EDUCational Areas/regions', OPEDUCA, on a local scale. Regions in which schools are opened to society and educational (re-)sources come within youngsters' permanent reach. The OPEDUCA Project is locally effective and links regions around the world towards a global learning space, so the young can discover, meet, learn, build ideas and generate action in order to truly become the future.
Learn about the underlying Vision, the Program through which OPEDUCA can be brought to practice, the Organisation required and Activities arising from there.
In short, The OPEDUCA Project is an on-going joint course to enable and empower the young of this world to learn Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody and through Any device about those themes that define our more sustainable common future. OPEDUCA is about open education, skills and knowledge development to enable all youngsters to become respected citizens, to meet the future's labourmarket, about their ability to take responsibility and action and about respecting and understanding worlds' ecology and biodiversity that enables us all to be.

Join in if you share the vision, get the picture and see how you can contribute through your knowledge, skills and experience. You are most Welcome in OPEDUCA.

OPEDUCA connects around the Globe

Learning and working together in The OPEDUCA Project literally means being connected around the globe.
Every instrument in OPEDUCA has a local, regional as well as an international dimension, taking learning cross-border. Therewith not only vastly expanding sources of data and information, but also bringing together people of a variety of cultures, believes and nationalities.
The global reach is also invaluable in bringing together knowledge and experience on the various domains that underlie the vision on learning further developed in the course of the ongoing project.
Both in terms of education and development The OPEDUCA Project is a local-to-global learning space.

"I personally believe that this is what we need to transform education not just enhance it. I reflect back to the time when I was at school and I can't remember much form my tests and text books. But what I remember the most is these hands on projects, field trips, one to one conversations with my peers and teachers, the times that my teachers let me be and explore my abilities".

Ghada Fahmi
Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher - Victoria International School of Sharja

"Despite the enthusiasm from Swedish society and schools for education for sustainable development, it is not enough to have solitary workshops every now and then. This is why I am drawn to OPEDUCA, because I recognise the need for coordinated efforts to mainstream education for sustainable development, and to integrate it into our social consciousness. I also recognise that we should not just bring knowledge on a plate to people, but also foster co-creation in knowledge and participation in knowledge production, as this will optimise sustainable outcomes".

Robert Wade
Master of Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science / Lund University

Made possible so far by amongst others from private industry:

"The OPEDUCA Project is a brilliant product created with the vision that Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody and through Any device learning can take place. It is a local to global co-operative effort to support a global movement to student-centred learning where students can explore the world, its cultures and histories to become empowered. The value in this website was found in Chris Lehmann and Tracy Sali's perspectives on why inquiry based learning is worth the trouble and why educators are fearful of implementing it. This directly linked to my research as I explored teacher efficacy when implementing inquiry learning. However, it was reading the phrase “To me it comes down to process,” Lehmann said. “Inquiry means living in the soup. Inquiry means living in that uncomfortable space where we don’t know the answer" that highlighted the importance of working with discomfort to reach new achievements and develop a community of development rather than simple achievement".

Amelia Bassett

insight (on SkoopIT!):

Primary Classroom Teacher / Department of Education and Training (Queensland)

No Borders, No Barriers - Global Citizenship

The OPEDUCA Project aims to bring together learners from all 'corners' of society, based on the belief that only if we re-connected within and between societies we will together develop the capacity to create and maintain a sustainable world.

Young learners, students, are the focal-point in this effort; starting out in primary with instruments as 'Flight for Knowledge' and 'BusinessClass' up until the early-twenty age when youth are on the threshold of taking in a place in society where they can start making a difference.

"In my humble opinion, OPEDUCA has got several aspects to be highlighted:
Practical skills, to be applied in the students’ community itself. Working on basic and necessary skills: Speaking in public, teamwork, develop and boost their full potential…
Encouraging students’ critical thinking. We see how it is increasingly less developed. Importance of languages!!! Essential point today. Caring about teachers’ training, motivation and recognition. At the moment there is a debate in Spain about giving students homework or not. Parents’ associations have adopted a "homework strike", starting with a homework-free week. It seems to them that everybody can be a teacher. Perhaps they should stand right before 25 or 30 students, and let us know. It is a profession which has been worsening more and more over the last years, at least in Spain. I believe society is partly responsible, as teachers are very poorly valued. A great mistake, as the future of society lies in our hands. Nothing less. Not using textbooks as a general rule. I think they are a great tool for looking up information, but not as the only way to learn. There are so many ways to do so. In "Flight For Knowledge" ,cooperative work is mentioned. This is really important for the effective learning among same or different ages.
Very positive aspect highlighted : Local, regional and global scope".

Rosi M. García
Maestra de Educación Primaria y Pedagoga Terapéutica en Colegio Concertado

Thanking partners from Science, amongst others:

"Actively immersed in real-life, inquiry & project based learning,
aiming to make our world a better place,
that's what OPEDUCA is about".

Lene Jensby Lange / Co-leading Global Schools Alliance
"It's is impossible to grasp this concept at once,
it is very extensive".

Rosé Lemeer - Manager Secondary Education Bonnefanten College
Maastricht / Netherlands
"I had a look at the website and it really made me smile, as many of the thoughts and struggles I had during high school have been picked up. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend that sometimes I would have loved to be exposed even more to new ideas in order to choose what I want to learn and discover."

Mihaele Corj - Student

"Here biology, physics, geography, chemistry could be based on strategic development, open learning. The lack of open education and too much theory is the way that our system works now. Must be a big change as it is too old, not attractive, nor realistic.
Building OPEDUCA in schools will give a new and attractive way of learning".

Flavia Ardelean - Teacher

Supported by Governmental institutions amongst which:

"I am astonished by this deep accurate intelligent analysis of this idea about learning,
an excellent exceptional unique masterpiece!"

Lene Maria Iervolino / Teacher of English Language at Secondary School in Oleggio,

"This program will connect the dots among education, business and regulators globally and bridge the existing gap. The OPEDUCA Project seems like a movement the world needs wright now".

Ljupka Naumovska, PhD - Professor at University of tourism and management