VHBO Maastricht

At Bonnefanten College and Sint Maartens College in Maastricht we are creating the 'VHBO', a secondary school preparing for higher education at 'HAVO' (pre College)-level.
A development building on decades of experience of our two schools in secondary education, now based on the OPEDUCA-vision and opening the fully integrated OPEDUCA Program for our students as of the 1st year on.
VHBO (in Dutch: Voorbereidend Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs) stands for 'Preparatory Apllied Sciences Education', indicating that this new OPEDUCA-based way of education prepares students in an on-going learning line for studies at Universities of Applied Sciences or wherever their talents, skills and knowledge developed at the VHBO will lead them.
VHBO Maastricht is on it's way to be the first school in the Netherlands fully equipped to meet each students learning style. Unlike any other school in secondary before us, we choose to enable our students to learn Anytime, Anywhere, with Anybody and through Any Device.
We challenge the youngsters to develop, making everything available they need to do so. Therefore

we are OPEDUCA

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Twan Wijnants

Bonnefanten College and Sint Maartens College are 2 of the 4 schools for Secondary education in the city of Maastricht. The group is part of the larger governing structure 'LVO' which holds 23 comparable schools throughout the Province of Limburg in the South-East of the Netherlands with a total of 28.000 students at 30 locations supported by 3.000 teachers and staff.

OPEDUCA MasterClass

Innovating education and developping a school towards what the 21st Century asks and offers, cannot be done without the finest of Teachers. We not only select the best, we invest in them all the way long. Since the Spring of 2015 over 50 of our Team successfully concluded OPEDUCA MasterClass (Year 1), coming back to practice to be part of a multi-disciplinary Team, capable of taking up the implementation of OPEDUCA.

The Teachers introduced in OPEDUCA covered all subjects and disciplines and prepared the implementation of the concept and program not only through a series of test-activities but also by already adapting the lesson-schedules to Inquiry Based Learning for at least 3 hours a week for every student. During the first year already, over 160 students (1st and 2nd year classes) developed and practised Research- and Communication skills and competences, integrating technology learning, language and problem-based study-case development.


An OPEDUCA Master Teacher

"An intermediate Crash and Jam is also part of innovation"

Erwin Augustin entered the VHBO Maastricht coming from a 25-year industry background, being active in various Marketing positions. He is a free-lance photographer who as one of the first developed a clear picture of OPEDUCA.

At the VHBO Maastricht Erwin is now an Economy Teacher and a key-coordinator for the implementation of OPEDUCA.

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OPEDUCA Students visit the largest construction-site in the Maastricht area - the reconstruction of the A2 highway.

1st year VHBO students study as of 2016 over 3 hours a week in OPEDUCA in the course of which they actively seeks information for challenges and problems they define themselves within the larger theme-setting of OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge, "Construction" being one of them.
The OPEDUCA-approach bridges theory with practice and real life learning, also in the students home-region. The A2-highway, being the main North-South connection in the Netherlands, before split the city of Maastricht in half and is now ompletely reconstructed with a 2-level miles long tunnel on top of which sustainable architecture led to a new city-park.


(presently only available in Dutch)

Finishing the 2015-2016 school-year, OPEDUCA Teachers from VHBO Maastricht paid a visit to their colleagues of the Pleincollege Nuenen, some 80 kilometres up north in the Eindhoven region.

As also the Teachers of Pleincollege went through OPEDUCA MasterClass in a formidable way and are test-casing the implementation, there was quite some first-hand experience to exchange in a what turned out fantastic atmosphere.

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