The OPEDUCA Project

Education for Sustainable Development

Empowering Youth
to Learn, Any time, Any place, with Anybody, through Any device
to create a more Sustainable Society.


The OPEDUCA Project creates regional Alliances of Industry, Education, Science and Governments in order to realize the best possible development for Youth as pathway towards a more sustainable society.
The focus is on students age 10-22, enabling and empowering them to learn Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody, through Any Device to become the entrepreneurs and citizens of a future only they can image and create.
'OPEDUCA' stands for 'OPen EDUCational Area', referring to youngsters' social-demographic home-region throughout which sources of education are brought and bound together for their development.

The OPEDUCA Project

Following the development of a multi-disciplinary partnership of all relevant sectors in society and the successful application of a jointly developed instrumentarium in daily educational practice between 2008 and 2018, the OPEDUCA-concept appeared thus far ahead of time the project was briefly halted.
A period during which academic research proceeded and the concept expanded, finding ever more supporters in education, industry and science around the world.
As it's groundbreaking potential is found to remain unchallenged and unparalleled, the time might be ripe to proceed in the course of 2021 with 'OPEDUCA 2021-2030'. You are welcome to learn about the concept and join this not-institutional, open and ongoing societal effort - reach out if you have a question, proposal, remark or critical note, we look forward to your ideas, contribution and friendship.
For a brief overview of what we do, check this.

The OPEDUCA Concept

The OPEDUCA-concept sees to a full-scale transition of education- and school-practice toward ESD-based Education, building on present capacity and meeting contemporary standards while effectuating future possibilities. It does not state Youth to own the future, it respects Youth as the Future itself
OPEDUCA delivers on the transformative promise of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by placing a transdisciplinary pedagogy at the core of schooling.
The concept is based on the original 2004 vision which conceptualised ESD as on ongoing learning pathway, a tread throughout the educational system, from primary up to and including higher, intertwined with local and global society. For a general idea a publication by United Nations University on OPEDUCA is useful. 

We create and implement ongoing future relevant learning as a tread throughout the educational system

The best way to achieve a more sustainable society is a continuous development of the young. They should have every chance to learn about those themes that define our common future. Therefore we envision ongoing learning pathways, driven by themes derived from the 'Dimensions of Sustainable Development'. 
The approach is 100% student focused and empowers schools to be in charge of education again, improving while meeting contemporary demands. We no longer think in a fragmented schooling-system but see an integrated ongoing process, starting in primary and including higher education, from there bridge schooling to the labour market - basing a process of live long learning.

Merging educational priorities into an integrated approach - realising Transdisciplinary Education

The on-going thematic learning-process molds and at the same time accentuates disciplines and traditional subjects, meeting an array of priority-educations in the fields of Language, Math, STEM, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Education, Cultural Learning and World Citizenship.
Schools basing their education on OPEDUCA no longer need separate programs, projects and stand-alone activities, no third-party involvement or service-providers. 

Let Industry take it's role in Education

Not only will the call for employees in many countries become louder because of a graying population and a growing demands for knowledge and skills, the demands also change. No longer can we take for granted that learning materials, information frozen in textbooks or next-to-school projects will match industries' and labour markets' general demands.
In order to address this challenge school and industry, teachers, managers and experienced experts cooperate in The OPEDUCA Project to address how tomorrows' needs can be met today.
The OPEDUCA-concept goes clearly beyond the recapitulation of universal competences listed as '21st Century Skills' and alike but focuses strongly on personal qualities and personality.

Trust in the Entrepreneurial potential of Youngsters

Our society is no longer prefab made, a structure guaranteed by the past. It will meet new challenges and opportunities, requiring a next generation of young people who can and dare to turn their ideas into action. It is this sheer essence of entrepreneurship education has to meet. Schools and Partners in Education in OPEDUCA structurally integrate entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship education in all learning processes, whether at school or not, anytime, anyplace.

Dare to invest in the professionalization of Teachers

Most of us have and cherish that special memory of a teacher or educator that was able to energize us, give that additional bit of trust, a personality that opened our eyes and made us more confident to study and develop. In The OPEDUCA Project this teacher comes back into view from a whole person universal perspective, bringing the profession back to where it belongs - next to the students.
The project came forth with a "Master in OPEDUCA" - program that goes beyond regular training and enables teachers to create and manage the growth and construction of OPEDUCA in their schools - to take ownership of their education again.

Reconsider Schooling as such

As long as we keep students in relative close isolation in x-minute lessons, within walls that limit their freedom to move, teach them subjects as though it are separate blocks of "knowledge" and merge them with 25 others in apparently homogeneous groups, one can't expect optimal results from education. The alliance of people basing OPEDUCA took off from that insight over nearly tow decades ago, observed the cacophony of 'priorities' and 'innovators' schools are flooded with and took a stand.
As a consequence of the OPEDUCA-thinking and -acting, schools can change without being trampled on or regarded obsolete. We found that school leaders, teachers and students can see and grasp opportunities to change their school from within. This change in itself became a prerequisite to move on, to make next steps in the development towards an OPEDUCA-based School. A most challenging process for sure, one that quite some couldn't see to an end, yet there are those that pushed forward, took the barriers and will surface through their own strength. Incurring change way beyond a 'whole school approach'.

Acknowledge the value of the Labour Market in Education

The world of knowledge, work and adjoining forces that largely mold and shape our future, is out there. It can be found in companies, science institutes, a mayors' chamber, TV-stations, restaurants and the small blacksmith on the corner of the street. In OPEDUCA all these are Partners in Education. The project found ways to continuously involve relevant partners in the learning process of youngsters and open a unique world of experience and applied knowledge for them. The concept bridging the worlds of schooling and work, folding them together. In an OPEDUCA-region companies and schools team-up, re-value good working practice dating back decades but lost along the way, create a contemporary approach that will address youth unemployment and required skill- and knowledge development in a most effective way.

Enable Youth to Learn,
Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody, through Any device

Focused on youngsters' learning, the pedagogical vision sees to students learning Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody and through Any device about those themes that define their and our common more sustainable future.

Truly see, involve and operate the world as a Global Learning Ground

All that is being developed, tested and put in practice in The OPEDUCA Project, is done in a cross-boundary manner and cross-border, building towards a local-to-global learning space. This goes for the themes studied, exchanges between students and a global alliance of partners. Respecting the differences in policies, systems, curricula, regional and national challenges, cultures and beliefs, we found there is one aspect that unites as all - youngsters' development. OPEDUCA Global is about learning to life and prosper together - as one.

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