OPEDUCA Instruments

a coherent pedagogy for ESD-based Education

Towards ESD-based Education

The OPEDUCA Project offers a set of guidelines, instruments and applied practice to be molded into a coherent program for the full scale transition towards ESD-based Education, integrating amongst others Environmental Education, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Languages and Citizenship.

OPEDUCA Flight for Knowledge

Based on the OPEDUCA idea students should be enabled to learn anytime, anyplace, with anybody, through any device on future defining themes, Flight for Knowledge comprises the basic instrumentation. The pedagogy sees amongst others to theme-based transdisciplinary learning and continuously connected education within the region. 

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OPEDUCA BusinessClass

OPEDUCA BusinessClass comprises Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurial Learning, Business Education and Personal Development. The instrument is an important base for Industries' partnership in education.
BusinessClass focuses on behavior, the development of an entrepreneurial attitude and competences. The capability to transfer thinking into entrepreneurial action in a socially responsible way, is key. 

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OPEDUCA Global manifests the local-to-global learning connection, taking the other instruments to the level of regional exchanges across the globe. 

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OPEDUCA MasterClass

Respecting the role, position and capacity of Teachers of strategic importance for any envisioned improvement of education, OPEDUCA MasterClass is a key instrument.
The conjunction where teachers and learners cooperate is the heart of the educational process. It are first the teachers that take up the essentials of OPEDUCA-based learning by way of challenging and intensive more-day OPEDUCA MasterClasses.

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