More Than Us People

How mobirise works?

Environmental Education in the OPEDUCA-concept is close to the original joint complex of ecology and human life, a notion which seems to have withered away from present day Environmental Education. 
A development not corrected but worsened by weak interpretations of ESD, presenting social issues which may or may not be related to the environment (Kopnina, 2012). We consider the installation of solar cells on a schools’ rooftop as a most dramatic example of contra-productive ESD, although promoted by ESD-experts.
The academic discourse and from there policy-development which seeks to inform a practice overwhelmed by (semi-)commercial (NGO-)offerings, appears to make the dimension Earth into an afterthought, not linking environmental protection to intrinsic values of non-human species (Johannesson, Norđdahl, Oskarsdottir, Palsdottir, & Petursdottir, 2011). 

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