Real Life Learning

In OPEDUCA 'Real Life Learning' indicates the learning process outside schools and other institutions, not depending on textbooks or other materials. It's the (natural) learning process that takes place in today's society as natural learning environment.

Real life learning defines almost every activity in OPEDUCA, starting with thematic learning in Flight for Knowledge, over BusinessClass, the Events, OPEDUCA Global and the numerous encounters pupils and students have in their peer-community as well as in the region and beyond.

Following an important basic principle in OPEDUCA, every real life learning experience is not a 'stand-alone' activity but an integral part of the whole approach and effect.

In Touch with Reality

In OPEDUCA Real Life Learning is not so much about providing means and access to students, as well as enabling them to go out and see, observe, provide, collect and study for themselves.
Notwithstanding the relevance of the subjects thought at school, these remain pocketed in their own domains, only being made alive by the best of teachers that have the ability, often coming from many years long experience, to place what they teach in a relevant context within real life. As real life is a fantastic mixture of all kinds of information, knowledge, circumstances and practices, it is essential for the student to get in touch with that world outside. Although the internet seems to have come as a relief to many, through our lens it is also often an impoverishment. While it grants access to data and images of life, it is not the same for it remains an image and through its time-consuming nature keeps students away from the real world even more.

Technology in the Cloud - Aircraft Maintenance

Teachers of the German school BBS Friesoythe, Daugavpils Technical School and Bonnefanten College Maasricht visited the Aviation Competence Centre of the VET School Leeuwenborgh located at Maastricht Airport. They where warmly welcome by the Training Manager Mr. Giel Debressine and his colleagues who offered an extensive tour and explenation, including a focus of VET Skills & Competences in the light of Sustainable Development.

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