From Dominance to Relevance,
from Urging to Understanding

Technology is at the Heart of Phenomena but not an Education as such

Following numerous campaigns on both the local, regional and national level calling for attention STEM was found dominantly present in terms of advocacy, funding and time programmed in schools. We see technology at the heart of many phenomena but not as a core education in it's own right.

In our critical approach towards STEM  we differ between:
- what it deals with, is about and how such is perceived,
- how they are effected from a pedagogical and didactic perspective,
- how STEM is delivered and organised. 

The OPEDUCA-concepts folds 6 dimensions of STEM in one coherent approach:
- Science as a field of expertise and work.
- Scientific thinking and reasoning.
- Science as the aggregation of disciplines and subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
- Science in the perspective of Technology, considering amongst others design and engineering.
- Technology in the means of ‘hardware’, tools, applications, machines.
- Technology in the field of ‘Information and Communication’ (ICT - hardware, embedded, etc.). 

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